2014 Artists

Siouxsie Q and Sean Andries

Fish Girl

A fairy tale that explores themes of sex work through the lens of fantasy. She’s half fish, half girl, half real, half dream, half in this world, half out—a fish and a bird can fall in love, but where can they build their nest? Fish Girl includes original songs written and performed by Siouxsie Q as well as shadow play, physical comedy, antique slide projections, and high drama. But perhaps the most exciting aspect of the play is that it is an insider’s look into the hopes, dreams, and fears of a sex worker and the one who loves her.



解く/ Hodoku

The modern human is wrapped tight, coiled up, compressed, bound, covered, and distorted into a rigid and controlled form carefully crafted by gossamer layers of fear, expectations, hopes, and aspirations. Unable to move, we wait trapped for some unnamed catalyst to unravel it all. Beneath it still beats an animal heart, a puzzle new to be solved by her alone. Hodoku: verb. Japanese. To uncoil, to unfasten, to solve.


La Chica Boom aka Xandra Ibarra

Corndog Meritocracy and the Balboa Method

This video was created for a collaborative artist residency with Action Hero (UK), University of Chichester, and CounterPULSE. The video explores American notions of meritocracy, colonial insertion, national loyalty, and the corndog as an artifact of Americana. Directed and performed by Xandra Ibarra. Edited and filmed by Nicole Love. Music mixed by DJ BlesOne. Tech and production assistance by Judith Ferrer, Puppet Mills, and Kizamu Hikida.


Mahri Holt


Return is a brief glimpse into a 12-year-old girl’s changed perspective during her trip back to the U.S. after traveling in Central America. It is 1984; El Salvador and Guatemala are in the midst of civil war, and Nicaragua holds the first national elections since the revolution of 1979. A chance encounter makes it clear that going home may take a lot longer than a plane ride.


Sonsherée Giles and AXIS

One Breath is an Ocean for a Wooden Heart

Developed by Lisa Bufano and Sonsherée Giles, One Breath is an Ocean for a Wooden Heart is an unusual modern dance duet for a disabled dancer and an able-bodied dancer that is informed by the relationship between physical transformation and identity. The dancers wear 28-inch wooden stilts secured to their arms and legs. Through the quality of their movement, the dancers are transformed into a wide range of imagery: animated furniture, magical toys, an eight-legged insect, a four-legged gazelle, two-legged birds. The affect is an eerie otherworldliness as two dramatically different bodies navigate a movement and sound landscape that is both enabled and constrained by their use of wooden stilts.


Madison Young


Catch is the first of multiple performance art and experimental video art pieces to explore the themes of Madison Young’s memoir, Daddy. This interactive performance piece is an exploration of the expectations and emotions that couple our desire for a heroic figure to hold space for our vulnerability, emotions, and safety. The mythical masculine role of father figure is heralded as a strong stable structure—flawless and unfaltering in his foundational role within the family unit. Catch asks: What happens when that heroic father figure never shows up? What happens when our hero is erratic and unreliable, and we find ourselves playing a manic emotional game of catch without insight into what is coming our way, immobilized with fear of missing a single moment of connection, a single moment with Daddy?


Stela Furtado aka D.Love

Blurred Lines

Stela Furtado is a gender illusionist and sculpture artist creating a body of work that transforms femme women into believable males with makeup and costuming. The Work will be documented with photos, video, and live performance. This piece will blur the lines of gender, showing that physical characteristics can be mimicked to a passable level in a very short time with clothes and make-up, ultimately to open a conversation about gender and masculine roles.


Hilary Goldberg


fragMENts is a masculine-presenting experimental short film project with animation and live narration. fragMENts breaks correspondence into disproportionate pieces in an epistolary form (episodic gender pairings are located in subtext, margins, and held in the bodies of letters). Gender at rest and distressed in failed relations, shifted connections, and lapsed communication. Who is mistaken and as what? Why him and not me?


Ignacio Rivera aka Papi Coxxx

Ferocity of Transition

Utilizing video, poetry, and movement, this piece explores the complexities of gender transition. How does a genderqueer person of color ultimately visualize themself free from societal binary gazes? Can one still find love? Is desire solely restricted to the attribution of others? Can one transition and emerge into intentional ambiguity without cause and effect? Is impending violence to be escaped or accepted? Experience the beautiful trepidation of one person’s transition via multimedia interpretation.


Guillermo Gomez-Peña, video by Jen Cohen, performances by Saul Garcia-Lopez and Esther Baker Tarpaga

Dancing with Fear

Twenty Ways of Dancing at 58 is a new performance series by Guillermo Gomez-Peña involving collaborators in the dance and performance worlds. The style of the piece is a combination of the artist’s hard-edged conceptualism, embodied theory, Chicano humor, radical choreography, and wild robo-baroque aesthetics. This original video piece by video artist Jen Cohen accompanies the live performance. The project features spoken and dancing “choreographies” about the interactions and tensions between contemporary dance and performance art; young and aging bodies.


Gabriella Daris Starring Annie Sprinkle and Tiffany Trenda with a film by Julian Hand

Holy Corners Golf Club

Holy Corners Golf Club is an anthropomorphoerotic mini-golf course. By reconstructing the narrative of the sport’s common rules and building off of the Marquis de Sade’s philosophical and theological digressions, the piece stages golf as a ritually activated sexual game. Turning passive voyeurs into active golf players, athletic fetishism is an enactment towards sexual sacredness. Join the club, mind the void, and score a hole-in-one!


Lady Samar

I Am Lady Samar

Perforated flesh with an outward varnish of elegance, a ferric scent, and a window into a delicate soul… This is what Lady Samar offers when she shares her body (and heart) with an audience through the performance of combining flesh hooks suspension with dance. Sacred, or profane, it is up to the eye of the beholder to decide. A small crew of professionals will constantly care for Lady Samar’s needs and well-being during the performance. The safety of the performer and those around her are of paramount importance. The piece challenges the audience to see and accept the fragile beauty created from pain, perhaps leading to a newly poetic perspective where one can see pain emanating from love instead of fear.


George H. Lewis

The Fall of Man Series

In his new collection called The Fall of Man Series, Lewis calls for a reevaluation of gender roles and a greater focus on the sacred feminine, arguing that a greater balance between the sexes is critical for holistic success in the 21st century. A London born artist who has spent years living in the Middle East, Lewis has led lectures and workshops on interfaith, female empowerment, and health care all over the world.



Agatha Anathema

A story of awakening in three songs coupled with a video art narrative in collaboration with filmmaker David Meiklejohn. Agatha Anathema tells the allegorical tale of a young witch who forgets the path of magic and becomes trapped in a land of sugar castles and blood-hungry creatures. Agatha must face death in order to hear the Fates, whose summoning spell calls from deep in the forest. Only then can a curse be lifted and Agatha’s memories restored.


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