2012 Artists

Promotional Video produced by the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

Oriana Small and Lorelei Lee present excerpts from their respective novels and memoirs presented in conjunction with silent short films composed of both moving and still images based on their individual experiences within the adult industry.

Chloe Camilla will present a live video performance.

Dylan Ryan performs a piece related to her experiences as a sex worker.

Hima B will be presenting two different art pieces. Her first participation will be a screening of an excerpt from License to Pimp, her feature documentary about the dilemmas that strippers face when they must pay for the privilege to work in strip clubs where management violates their labor rights. Filming in San Francisco, the filmmaker, an ex-stripper, investigates the various factors that enable the strip clubs to pimp their workers and deny them basic rights that workers across America are guaranteed. Her second participation is presenting Coming Out, Coming Home: Asian and Pacific Islander Family Stories. One Filipino and three Chinese families and their gay and lesbian children engage in dialogue about shame, grief, love, growth, living with HIV/AIDS, the acceptance of homosexuality by family members, and the cultural perceptions of homosexuality. The Gay Asian Pacific Alliance in San Francisco awarded this documentary with the 1997 George Choy Memorial Award.

Cheryl Dunye presents Mommy is Coming. Set in the international creative melting pot that is Berlin, this raunchy romantic comedy of errors confronts the last lesbian taboo: Mommy. A take on screwball comedies and porn topped off with Dunye’s ingenious form of storytelling.

Sadie Lune presents EGG, a collaborative work by Sadie Lune and Kay Garnellen. EGG is a sexy, funny, romantic, and dirty visual poem; an intimate collection of erotic moments between two lovers infused with food, fertility, surprises, joy, and love; and one woman’s journey toward motherhood with her FTM transgender partner.

Madison Young presents Down the Rabbit Hole: A Year in the Life of a Sexy Mama, which explores theatrically and cinematically the transformative first year of motherhood for a woman immersed in alternative sexual subculture. Cinematic elements consist of several parodies of queer-sploitation films that illustrate the societal fear of non-traditional parenting and non-traditional family dynamics that include LGBT and sex workers. Video elements also include interviews from other queer and sex worker moms and parents about their first year of motherhood and their transformative experience. Young’s onstage character resembles Alice from Alice in Wonderland, modified with autobiographical elements from her life as seen through the looking glass. Become immersed in Young’s new surroundings of “Mama-land” in this experimental performance and multi-media presentation.

Lisa Bufano and her performance partner Sonsheree Gile presents an exploration of body movement in the Grand Lobby before the official show, performance and film in this new visual and performance work. The dominating theme is the visceral experience of alienation, embodied by creatures, real and imagined.

Mollena Williams presents a new short interactive film exploring BDSM, race, culture, and emotional reaction to consenting adults engaging in impact play. How does an audience perceive a black female being “beaten” by a Caucasian male upon her own direction and choosing? How does a viewer’s reaction alter as the race of the “sadist” changes?

Vixen Noir presents a multi-media performance and video work that melds poetry/spoken word, singing, burlesque and video projection while exploring how Audre Lorde’s essay and speech The Uses of the Erotic: The Erotic as Powersparked a major transformation in Noir’s life as an erotic being, queer woman, and artist.

Midori addresses the in/visibility of aging women in Japan by utilizing film and performance. Midori asks you, the viewer: When the Yamamba passes, will you see her? Will you meet her gaze? She seeks and seeps into the psyche of those who will not see her. There she makes new nightmares. Yamamba ( 山姥 ) lives in the dusky edge of the primordial forest, on the fringe of civilization’s subconscious.

Dylan Ryan and Rozen Debowe present Tooth&Nail, a short erotic film that thematically deals with the dichotomy of reality and fiction within the context of the sexual mind and mental health. Played out by the dynamically striking Dylan Ryan, this intricately woven femme expertly walks the battlefield that can only be created within the confines of the imagination. As she addresses the fine lines of reality, Ms. Ryan fleshes out a relationship with herself that is accessibly controversial.


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